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Direct Primary Care is an innovative personalized care model that eliminates insurance for physician services, eliminating the administrative burdens of running a practice. We invest that time back into caring for our patients.  Our visits are not rushed and we spend the time to get to know each of our patients well in order to provide patient centered holistic care. Our low cost direct pay model allows us to sustain our practice while caring for fewer patients that get our full attention.

Our DPC membership is not a replacement for insurance and it is not an insurance product or insurance replacement. Our DPC membership only covers Physician Services. We recommend that you carry health insurance for hospitalization, testing, and services that are not included in the membership.

No. We do not bill your insurance company for any of the services that are included in your membership fee. Your membership fee includes all Physician Visits, Tele-Health Visits (Video), Phone Calls, Text Messages & Emails with the Doctor. 

Having health insurance does not equate to having access to quality care. Traditional primary care practices often have a patient panel of over 2000 patients per doctor. Our patient panel size is less than a fraction of a traditional practice. We do not rush through our appointments and spend the necessary time to provide quality care and be thorough in our assessments.  

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. This is a monthly membership with no long term contract. We do, however, require a 30 day written notice. Other terms are outlined in our membership agreements.

We will inform you ahead of time for any planned absences when Dr. Hasan may be away so that you can schedule appointments accordingly.

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