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Maryam Hasan MD
Maryam Hasan MD
Geriatrician and Internist

Geriatric Care Services in South Florida

Dr. Maryam Hasan is Board Certified in Geriatrics and Internal Medicine. She graduated at the top of her class from one of the top medical schools in Pakistan and Asia, The King Edward Medical University, with seventeen gold and silver medals. She then went onto complete her Internal Medicine training at NYU Medical Center, winning several awards during her training years. After completing her training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Hasan completed additional fellowship training in Geriatrics at The Johns Hopkins University.  She then went on to practice Geriatrics and Geriatric focused primary care at Baystate Medical Center – University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she served as the Associate Program Director for the Geriatric Fellowship Program training the next generation of Geriatricians. While at Baystate Medical Center she served as the Medical Director for the Acute Care for Elders Program (ACE UNIT), an in-patient unit dedicated to specialized care of older hospitalized patients. She is also an active member of the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and has presented at National Conferences. Dr. Hasan brings a breadth of experience treating older adults compassionately and coaching them to achieve their health goals and live their life independently for as long as possible. Her areas of interest and expertise include: Healthy ageing, Primary and Preventative Care, Dementia, Poly pharmacy (de-prescribing), Fall Assessments, End of Life Care and Hospice.

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