Concierge Cardiology Fort Lauderdale

Concierge Cardiology Service In Fort Lauderdale, Fl

For those who desire and would benefit from enhanced access to the Cardiologist, we offer a Concierge Cardiology Service In Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 
With our Concierge Cardiology practice, patients pay an annual retainer in exchange for higher quality care, enhanced and direct access to your Cardiologist. This model allows for patients to have ample time with their Cardiologist for more targeted and goal oriented care. This can be particularly useful for anyone wanting to stay on top of their heart health or for patients with chronic cardiac conditions that require closer monitoring.
Our concierge Cardiology Practice offers multiple benefits, including same and next day appointments, personal cell phone access to your Cardiologist, and personalized heart health nutritional and lifestyle counseling among other benefits.
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Same or Next Day Appointment

If you have cardiac issues, with our Same or Next Day appointment we can potentially help avoid Emergency Room Visits and unnecessary hospitalizations. The savings from that alone may help cover the cost of annual membership.

Direct Access

Enhanced and Direct Access to the doctor via email, text messaging or personal cellphone.

Little to No Wait Time

Review of most testing within 24-48 hours

Care collaboration with local physicians if hospitalized abroad

Lengthy Appointments

Personalized Heart Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Monthly Membership Fee: $ 400/month.

One Time Enrollment Fee: $ 200 (Waived if enrolling annually)

Discounts Available for Couples Membership and for those enrolling in our Direct Primary Care Practice.

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