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Echocardiogram Services in Ft. Lauderdale for Heart Health

An Echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart that provides structural information about the heart valves and heart muscle function. However, not all facilities perform the same quality of echo. An echocardiogram can be a powerful diagnostic tool, but many labs rush through the exam and do not have a comprehensive echo protocol. Ask your facility whether they use the American Society Of Echocardiography Standard for their imaging and whether their echo readers are Board Certified in Echocardiography. We use the latest technology and also perform strain imaging as part of our echo protocol, which can be an early  marker of cardiovascular dysfunction.  Cost of an echocardiogram can also vary, with many hospital labs charging in the $1000s of dollars. We can perform the same test with better quality at a fraction of the cost at our lab in Plantation, FL. Contact us to find out our discounted self-pay rates.