Direct Primary Care in Davie

Welcome to Direct Primary Care in Davie: Personalized Healthcare for You and Your Elderly Parents

At Cardiology and Geriatrics Associates we are proud to offer Direct Primary Care (DPC) services in Davie, a rapidly evolving approach to Primary Care that focuses on you and your family’s specific needs. This model is particularly beneficial for those seeking a primary care physician for elderly parents, as it offers personalized, unhurried care.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care Davie is an innovative healthcare model where you pay a flat, affordable fee directly to your physician. This model eliminates the complexity, constraints and administrative burdens of health insurance companies, , allowing us to invest that time into providing more personalized and attentive care to you, the Patient.

Comprehensive Care for Elderly Parents

Why Choose a DPC for Elderly Parents?

Selecting a Direct Primary Care Physician in Davie for your ageing parents guarantees them personalized attentions and through and comprehensive care.. Our DPC strategy is centred on managing chronic diseases, providing preventive care, and taking a holistic approach to the health issues that often come with ageing.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care


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Personalized Attention

In our Direct Primary Care , doctors have fewer patients, which means more time for each individual. This is especially important for elderly patients with complex health needs requiring more attention and time.

No Rush Appointments

Longer appointments allow for thorough discussions about health concerns, which is crucial for elderly care. It ensures that every aspect of your parents’ health is addressed comprehensively.

Predictable Costs

With Direct Primary Care, you know the costs upfront. There are no hidden fees or surprise bills, making it easier to budget for your family’s healthcare expenses.

Preventative Care

We emphasize preventative care to help elderly parents maintain their health and independence. Regular check-ups, screenings, and lifestyle guidance are cornerstones of our approach.

Chronic Disease Management

Our team is skilled in managing chronic conditions common in older adults, such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. We tailor our approach to each patient’s unique needs.

Coordination of Care

If specialist care is needed, we coordinate and communicate with other healthcare providers to ensure your parents receive comprehensive care.

Why Davie Chooses Us for Direct Primary Care

Community-Focused Care

We understand the healthcare needs of the Davie community. We prioritize the establishment of enduring connections with our patients and their families.

Experienced Physicians

Our team comprises of experienced primary care physicians who specialize in senior care, ensuring your elderly parents receive the best possible care.

Accessible Healthcare

Easy scheduling, same-day or next-day appointments, and direct access to your doctor via phone or email are just a few ways we make healthcare accessible and convenient.

Direct Primary Care: A Closer Look

DPC in Davie represents a shift from traditional healthcare models. It’s a system where care is directly between you and your doctor without the meddling middlemen, free from the constraints of health insurance companies.. This approach allows for a more individualized healthcare experience, ensuring that your family, especially elderly parents, receive the attentive care they deserve.

Our Specialized Elderly Care Services

Understanding the Needs of Elderly Patients

We recognize that elderly patients require a different approach to health care. It’s not just about treating illnesses; it’s about providing a supportive environment that caters to their overall well-being. Our physicians specialize in senior care, offering medically thorough, compassionate, and respectful services.

A Comprehensive Approach to Elderly Health

Our elderly patients in Davie benefit from a holistic approach. Our main goals are to manage chronic conditions, encourage healthy living, and provide preventative treatment. Regular health assessments and personalized care plans are integral parts of our service.

Why Choose our service for Your Health Care Needs

A Community of Caring

Our establishment transcends the conventional definition of a clinic, as it fosters a sense of community. We have a strong foundation in the Davie region and possess a comprehensive understanding of the specific healthcare requirements of the local community. We provide the same caliber of care and regard to our patients as we would to our kin, treating them as we would want our own family treated.

Innovative Health Solutions

In Davie, our Direct Primary Care program is not just a service; it’s a commitment to innovative health solutions. We integrate the latest medical knowledge with a personal touch, ensuring every patient feels heard and cared for.

Experienced and Empathetic Team

The members of our healthcare team possess not just exceptional expertise but also a strong sense of  empathy. We acknowledge the difficulties that arise while managing health concerns, particularly among the senior population, and we are here to assist in the whole process.

Get Started with Direct Primary Care in Davie

Enrolling in our Direct Primary Care service is straightforward. Allow us to demonstrate the distinctive qualities of healthcare in Davie – characterized by enhanced personalization, heightened efficacy, and a greater alignment with the unique requirements of your family.

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